Nicole Brown Photography | About Me

Hi! I'm your friendly photographer, Nicole. I'm mostly self taught, and I shoot on-location in Lubbock, TX and the surrounding areas.

Photography is my passion. I love my job and there is NOTHING I'd rather do. I love photographing beautiful things, and everything and everyone is beautiful in its own way. Whether it's people, animals, nature; God has created some truly amazingly beautiful things, and I hope I can capture a few of them to share with you :-)


I believe photography is one of the best things you can invest your money in. Many of us spend $5 a day on our favorite coffeehouse drink; we buy the latest music of our favorite artist; those designer handbags or shoes may be on the top of your priority list. But... what do you have to show for it in a months time? What about in a year? Or 10 years from now?

Investing in custom portraiture for your family will last. Forever. You'll be able to give your children archival quality printed portraits, canvases, or albums. They can show their grandchildren what their family looked like many, many years ago... and I think that's more important than coffee or shoes any day of the week.

When photographing people, I don't like "posing" them. I prefer to capture natural poses and expressions... this makes my subject more comfortable, and we end up with a more realistic representation of the person. Every emotion is beautiful. So, parents... if your child isn't cooperating and doesn't want to "smile for the camera," don't worry. I will get some natural shots of him or her playing... and even if they don't smile, it's okay! Some of the most beautiful pictures I have of children are "non-smiling" photos.

I'm easy to get in touch with! You can call or text me, email me, send me a message through the "contact me" section, or find me on Facebook. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!