Sleeklens Photoshop Actions Review

January 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Happy new year! 2017 is in full swing now! I hope you're all having a wonderful start to our new year. 

I recently had the chance to try some Photoshop actions from and I wanted to let you guys know what I think about them. I'm working with their Portrait Perfection collection. You can find them here and you can see all of their Photoshop collections here. They also offer photo editing- you can find more info on that here.

First, you guys should know that I have a pretty solid workflow down. I do a pretty clean/basic edit in Lightroom and then pull my image into Photoshop for any skin work and some hand editing. I finish off with curves/levels work to get the look I desire. I generally have a pretty bold, deep, rich style. I like lots of contrast, deep dark blacks; images that pop. 

For these PS actions, I brought a RAW file directly into PS with NO basic edits done to them. Here's the image I started with; gorgeous Laurie and her handsome pup:

And for the record, here was my original edit- the final image that was presented to the client:

Ok. So, I started out with their All-In-One actions to see if any of them were a good base/start for me. They weren't. Most of them added a matte/hazy finish and/or a weird tint. Not my style at all, but if that's the look you're going for, they could be good for you. I also didn't like that the all-in-one actions flattened my image (several times, apparently, when looking through the history) so I couldn't adjust them at all to suit my tastes. Here are a few examples: Next, I tried the Base-from Scratch action. This provided me with a very nice basic edit. Similar to what I would do with my RAW file in LR before pulling it into PS. Nice- this is a good start.

I added a few of their ENHANCE TONES actions and adjusted the opacity to my liking. I would like these much more if they were named something descriptive so I had an idea of what they were going to do before I played them. Instead, they have cute little names like "Girl Like You" and "Whisperer" and "Romantic Dance." Anyway, I found a few of these helpful.

What I like best about this set is the Portrait Retouch section. They have actions to enhance eyes, teeth, and lips, and some wonderful skin actions, too. There's a Frequency Separation and a Dodge and Burn action that is wonderful.

The moveable light glows could be awesome on the right image, but some of them are a bit strong... if you have some basic PS knowledge you can adjust them as needed.

Here's the image I ended up with. It's nice; sharp, nice skin tones, and no weird tints or haze:

And again, my original final image:

Although I'll probably stick to my original workflow, there are some nice things in this set I'll be using in the future- particularly their frequency separation and dodge & burn. 

Overall, I think if you like the light/airy/matte/hazy look, you'd really like these actions. Also, if you aren't proficient enough in Photoshop to do a lot of hand editing or if you haven't nailed down a workflow that works for you, they're worth a shot!


What do you think? Which do you like best?


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